World Toilet Day – 11/19/14

World Toilet Day – 11/19/14

4,438: That’s how many children cholera and typhoid kill every day in places like Nicaragua.

To Americans like you and me, these are illnesses out of our history books, dangers faced by our forefathers and the pioneers of the old west. But in places like Santa Amalia, the threat is still very real.You see, cholera and typhoid are spread through poor sanitation and in villages like this one uncontained waste isstill a huge issue. Where there are no restroom facilities, waste is easily tracked into homes; it contaminates local ground water and even taints food stores when spread by vermin and other pests.That’s why last year Esperança committed to a two phase construction project aimed at eliminating both of these threats to Santa Amalia.With the loving support of friends like you, phase one has just been completed. We were able to provide half of this village with the materials and technical guidance needed to construct latrines – outdoor toilets essential to the safety of their children.

These are people who, for generations, have lived with a horrifying reality. They’ve had to come to terms with the fact that each new day might be the one that takes their children away from them. As a parent, it’s hard to imagine the constant fear they’ve had to live with – or the immense relief they now enjoy thanks to your partnership!
Today 140 families in Santa Amalia are now protected from these lethal threats!