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Have you heard about Esperança’s new partnership in Mexico?

Esperança began serving in Puerto Peñasco (more commonly known as Rocky Point), Mexico in October of 2020. Through a local partnership we work to bridge the gap in access to quality education for local youth.

Volunteers Needed

Join us every Tuesday to prep, cook and package 200 meals for seniors in our community.

Bringing Q’eros Culture to Your Home

Bring home a piece of Peru by purchasing a gorgeous, handmade item from our gift shop. The best part? 100% of every purchase goes back to support health initiatives in the remote Andean villages of the Q’ero people.



In order to better work toward health equity for everyone, Esperança’s model is to partner with an in-country NGO who understands the unique needs of their community. Each partnership is thoroughly vetted and the programs are customized to match their needs. Click on a country to learn more!

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