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Have you seen our 2023 surgical schedule?

Take a look at the exciting and life-saving trips we have planned for the year!

Volunteers Needed

Join us every Tuesday to prep, cook and package 200 meals for seniors in our community.

Bringing Q’eros Culture to Your Home

Bring home a piece of Peru by purchasing a gorgeous, handmade item from our gift shop. The best part? 100% of every purchase goes back to support health initiatives in the remote Andean villages of the Q’ero people.



In order to better work toward health equity for everyone, Esperança’s model is to partner with an in-country NGO who understands the unique needs of their community. Each partnership is thoroughly vetted and the programs are customized to match their needs. Click on a country to learn more!

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Two women on exercise mats working their core muscles.

El peso saludable varía de persona a persona y debe establecerse con el apoyo de un nutriólogo o un médico especialista en esta área. Bienvenido 2023, y con el vienen muchas ilusiones, esperanzas en donde miles de personas en todo el mundo llenan sus cabezas y sus paredes con nuevos […]


Two women on exercise mats working their core muscles.

Happy New Years!  Have you set a New Year’s Resolution this year? Many people do set resolutions each year and the most common ones are around health and wellness.  More Exercise, healthier eating habits or losing a certain amount of weight are all resolutions that are commonly talked about around […]


Bato is a sharp and resourceful young man. At 19-years-old, he’s the main bread-winner for his siblings and ill mother in Mozambique. It’s a duty Bato takes seriously, so much so that he was willing to sacrifice his own future. He’d fallen behind in school because he was often fishing […]


Felisa was fed up with the status quo. For as long as the 36-year-old could remember, her community in Bolivia had suffered from a seasonal lack of water. That meant she and her neighbors mainly grew staple crops, like corn, instead of more nutritious vegetables. That was fine for livestock, […]


David loved his mom Lorena dearly, but he struggled to hold her hand starting at age 4. That’s when David’s hands and arms were severely burned in a house fire … set by his now-estranged father!Damaged tendons prevented this sweet boy from bending his arms at the elbows. He couldn’t […]


Jennifer is a mom who refused to give up. She thought giving birth to her new son would be routine, just like it was for her other kids. All her doctor’s visits had gone to plan … Instead, baby Juanito was born with clubfoot. Jennifer hadn’t heard of this common […]