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Donate Medical Supplies

Each year, Esperança distributes millions in donated medical supplies and equipment to needy families in Arizona and Nicaragua.

Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit

Claim a dollar-for-dollar credit on your 2021 Arizona state taxes! Deadline to give is April 15, 2022.

Bringing Q’eros Culture to Your Home

Bring home a piece of Peru by purchasing a gorgeous, handmade item from our gift shop. The best part? 100% of every purchase goes back to support health initiatives in the remote Andean villages of the Q’ero people.



In order to better work toward health equity for everyone, Esperança’s model is to partner with an in-country NGO who understands the unique needs of their community. Each partnership is thoroughly vetted and the programs are customized to match their needs. Click on a country to learn more!

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Submitted by Tami Bohannon, Chief Advancement Officer Valentine’s Day is coming and I’m sure just reading those words made you think of hearts and flowers!  I am hoping #NationalBloodDonorMonth – which we celebrate every January — will make you think about and thank your heart – which is an essential […]


Submitted by: Kathleen Duncan, Esperança Board member & Founder of Educarte In March of 2019 I had the tremendous privilege of spending time with a hero of mine who Oprah named her “all-time favorite guest”. Dr. Terarai Trent is an amazing woman who managed to escape a life of poverty […]


Submitted by Tami Bohannon, CFRE, Chief Advancement Officer As a teenager, for me, the time between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve was memorable– no school, staying up late, sleeping in, family visiting, playing with presents – what’s not to love! But hands down, my favorite part of this time […]


You would think that a community located next to a dam would have all the water they would ever need. And when the government stepped in to dam the river near the small farming community of Huacata, Bolivia, that’s what was promised – safe drinking water for everyone, piped into […]


When the weather is cold outside, the last thing you want is to jump into a freezing bath. For Julián, Evarista and their family of five, there’s never been another option.In the mountainous region of Cusco, Peru, where the Q’ero people live more than 14,000 feet above sea level, summer […]


Volunteers of all ages gathered to get their hands dirty in building and planting Phoenix’s newest community garden in support of Esperança. For 21 years, the Phoenix-based nonprofit has been uniquely positioned as a leader in delivering health education and services to Arizona’s most vulnerable and underserved Latino youth, adults, […]