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Donate Medical Supplies

Each year, Esperança distributes millions in donated medical supplies and equipment to needy families in Arizona and Nicaragua.

Save the Date: 11th Annual Hope Breakfast

Plant, Grow & Harvest Hope with Esperança! Join us online or in-person on Thursday, September 23rd at 7:30AM CST.

Bringing Q’eros Culture to Your Home

Bring home a piece of Peru by purchasing a gorgeous, handmade item from our gift shop. The best part? 100% of every purchase goes back to support health initiatives in the remote Andean villages of the Q’ero people.



In order to better work toward health equity for everyone, Esperança’s model is to partner with an in-country NGO who understands the unique needs of their community. Each partnership is thoroughly vetted and the programs are customized to match their needs. Click on a country to learn more!

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For the past 51 years Phoenix-based nonprofit, Esperança has provided hope to under-resourced communities around the world through health education, food security programs, access to clean water, ecological home-building and life-altering surgeries.For the last 10 years, the San Diego bridge community has hosted an annual bridge tournament to raise funds […]


In March of 2021 Lorena was at the end of her rope… for 7 years she had lived with diabetes, but speaking limited English had received no support as to how to manage her condition. She gained weight, felt fatigued and was at the mercy of her fluctuating blood sugar […]


Submitted by: Adriana Farquharson, International Program Coordinator National Grateful Patient Day on September 7 provides an opportunity to show appreciation for the hard-working professionals in the medical industry and gratitude toward the families and caregivers of anyone receiving life-giving medical care. It also honors the plight of many patients who are grateful to […]


Jose, or “J.B.” as he is known to family and friends, is a janitor for a building in Tarija, Bolivia. With a friendly demeanor and outlook on life, he is beloved by the entire community. Unfortunately, like many in Tarija, J.B. was threatened by inter-generational poor health. “For my work, […]


Did you know that 15% of medical waste is hazardous in some way? This means that 15% of medical waste is toxic, radioactive, infectious or harmful to humans or the environment. Consider that all countries around the world create 0.2-0.5 kg of medical waste per hospital bed per day, there is […]


Thirsty? You go to the tap. Or to the fridge for water you’ve filtered. There’s bottled water as well. Plenty of options.What if you had no options?The remote, mountainous community of Las Mesitas in northwest Nicaragua never had options. In this place of poverty, suffocated by an extremely dry climate, […]